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Decentralised Energy Production

Providing turnkey energy solutions for extracting hydrogen and green CO₂ from biogas – for a more sustainable future


What do we need – to transition for a sustainable future?

Energy solutions

Including infrastructure for decentralised energy production

Energy efficiency

Solutions for increased energy efficiency, flexibility and security

Value chains

Improve resource utilisation, sustainable business development and growth

Climate positive solutions

Remove emissions from the cycle, while producing clean energy

Resource utilisation

Increase utilisation of valuable resources, as biomass

Circular economy

Increase recycling and reuse our resources for multiple applications

Agri-E Energy Systems

Turnkey container-based systems, designed for decentralised and scalable energy production – using biogas and natural gas for production of hydrogen and carbon capture, utilisation & storage opportunities. An energy hub for green value chains and circular economy.

Agri-E Team


Agri-e is a system integrator for turnkey energy systems using biogas and natural gas for production of hydrogen, electricity with CCUS opportunities.

Agri-e energy systems are designed for decentralised and scalable energy production.

By utilizing green hydrogen and CO₂, our solutions will contribute to:

  • Climate positive results
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Including methane as part of the electrification
  • Improved circular economy
  • Make green CO2 available and affordable

– and beyond.


We will make it happen


EGIL VIGDEL – CEO 464 11 819

Experienced multi-discipline engineering lead with main competence within automation from Oil & Gas sector. Working for EPC contractors and operators.

Relevant experience:

  • Engineering lead – Norske Shell
  • Engineering lead – Equinor
  • Engineer – Kværner
  • Engineering lead – Rosenberg Worley

KJELL HUSABØ – CCO / +47 932 50 934

Experienced project and portfolio manager on multi-discipline projects including working in operation – Oil & Gas sector.

Relevant experience:

  • Project Manager – Equinor
  • Project Manager – Norske Shell
  • Founder and project director – Speo Technology
  • Project & Portfolio Manager – Siemens O&G

TRYM D. EIDE – CTO / +47 994 97 300

Experienced development lead and product champion for advanced control systems incl. engineering and commissioning of complete systems.

Relevant experience from NOV:

  • Product Champion
  • Technical Development Lead
  • System Engineer and Commissioning Expert

Latest news & articles

September 21, 2022

Forretningsmuligheter for Agri-e i Australia

Tidligere denne måneden fikk Agri-e internasjonalt klyngebesøk til besikting av det nye pilotsystemet i Risavika. Systemet som produserer hydrogen, elektrisitet og grønt CO2 fra biogass og naturgass, piloterer på gassenteret…
January 1, 2022

Enabling biogas plants to produce green hydrogen and CO₂

Agri-E enables biogas plants to produce green hydrogen and CO₂ Agri-E has developed integrated systems for extracting hydrogen, electricity, heat and CO₂ from biogas. – Our solutions take utilisation of…
July 2, 2021

Pilot for bærekraftig hydrogenproduksjon

Nok en ny, grønn eksportbedrift på Forus med kompetanse fra oljebransjen: Pilot for bærekraftig hydrogenproduksjon Med fire ansatte og en knallgod idé har Forus-bedriften Agri-e klart å skaffe 29 millioner…

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